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Please allow me a few words first.
I have been wanting to do this challenge for a while just based on how many times I hear "great photo, what camera do you shoot with?" or similarly "great photo, you must have a great camera". Or "I can't compete with anyone because of my equipment or lack of it", it goes on and on. You make do with what you have sometimes.

Also, I like changing it up sometimes. A film camera will slow you down, a cellphone will force you to pretty much concentrate on the basics etc. etc.

I am very pleased with this round and the entries for that very reason. Thank you for indulging me.

The honorable mentions
Doob: The holga shot. I like the creativity a holga allows, though it's not always easy to pull off. I really loved the double exposure you chose here (boy I sure do hope that's double exposure :D) and this was exactly what I had in mind when I chose the challenge.


zoomn: The gorilla shot. I loved the emotion you captured here, it's really almost heart breaking.

benjamin: the black and white firehose. I'm not one for abstract concepts, but really found myself going back to this one over and over again.


Billseye--Northern Europe 1981 35mm. You had me at high contrast. I love the lines, the light, the silhouette of the people.

35mm Agfachrome, Digitized w/DSLR (1:1 macro on light table; B&W conversion in Photoshop, 2010)


3rd place: Rainbow--the mariachi and THE guy :) I love this shot, have from the first time I saw it. I love the spontaneity of the shot and the playfullness.


2nd place: ghinson--loved your choice of black and white, the softness, the composition, the total and complete utter peace this shot brings me. Well thought out and executed.
Sony P&S
6739941065_229a412ee8_b.jpgFull Size

1st place: Tony cooper-- Thank you first of all for a fresh shot, you really pushed yourself and for your street submission. The body language here is palpable, powerful. You are up again Tony :)


Sherstone and Joyce--I know you can't compete, but I also was psyched to get your entries and you would have definately been contenders.

Thank you all so much for your participation. I wanted to add more to the list, but I had to narrow it down before I picked everyone. Really enjoyed this round. Thank you.
Liz A.


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    Mods a little help please--I can't link Rainbows shot and billseyes shot. I'd appreciate some assistance so their shots show in the post.
    Liz A.
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    Hey thanks for shout out. I liked that shot too. I didn't mention it in the post, but I took that with a nice Sony NEX digicam, but modified to use a $19 f1.7 all manual CCTV lens. I love the softness and the lo-fi I get from it.

    Nice shots all around.
    uosuıɥ ƃǝɹƃ
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    Congratulations to Tony Cooper, AND all the participants for a fun challenge.

    And thank you Liz for coming up with a great theme and for the work you did!
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    Oh, wow. Thanks. I've won a few camera club competitions, but the winning photo - like this
    one - has never been one that I thought had much of a chance. I seem to do better when
    I shoot for other people rather for myself.

    I have a theme in mind, but I'll get back with details, closing date, and terms and conditions
    tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll go embrace my dslr and pack away the Sony DSC-S85 tied
    up in a metaphorical ribbon.
    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida
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    Congrats Tony! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!
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    Congrats Tony thumb.gif

    Thanks for the HM, Liz mwink.gif
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    Congrats Tony... looking forward to your theme!

    Liz, thanks for the HM... I can't believe that photo was taken over 30 years ago. How did it get so old, while I'm still such a kid?ne_nau.gif

    Also gotta say that I love your choices for HMs and all three "place" spots. Thanks for the cool challenge. clap.gif
    Bill Banning

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    Congrats Tony! Thanks for the HM Liz. This was a fun challenge.
  • billseyebillseye Major grins Posts: 847Registered Users Major grins
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    Sony P&S
    This is really, really lovely, Greg. No issue with equipment, this shot is technically and artistically top-notch!
    Bill Banning

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    Congratulations, Tony! And well done, Liz. You chose some of my favorites from this round as well. This was a cool challenge. Can't wait to see what is next!
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    Congrats to all. This was fun and the top shots are all deserving of recognition for sure!
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    Congrats, Tony!
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    yup it was a double exposure lizzard. thats one of my favourite holga shots.
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    Congratulations Tony clap.gif

    Great entries and good choice in selecting the winners!
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