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Kirsty Mitchell lost her mother to cancer and as a part of the healing process, she turned to photography.

She created a series of images on a shoestring budget that rival that of any commissioned project. Simply beautiful work.

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    :wow :jawdrop

    The story and images moved me to tears. Honestly, I felt like locking away my cameras and lenses after going through all her galleries. Just absolutely astounding. About every two years I review the work an artist at the caliber of Kirsty and think that art and talent such as hers are truly God-given, and so far above mere mortals that I am left speechless. She is one of those.

    Make sure you go to her web site, and look through all her galleries. Also, check out her flicker site, and especially her old work of B&W portraits. Beyond belief.

    Years ago, (8?), we had a gal that was on the forums (here and DPR/Sony); young, a student, an artist of many disciplines, and going for her MFA in something, who posted incredible work far far above everyone else and was somewhat similar to these. I can't remember her name. I have often wondered what ever happened to her.

    Thanks, Ian!
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    wow thanks for sharing, this is true inspirational work!
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    Truly gifted creative concepts with excellent execution.

    I will be putting my camera gear on Ebay as soon as I stop crying.

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    Wow! Kirsty's work is indeed absolutely amazing, not to mention those costumes! Once again it proves how an artist's mind can explode with creative ideas while trying to deal with tragedy and loss, doesn't seem to be restricted to one particular art form either, look at all the lives of so many painters, authors, composers, song-writers, and probably many more photographers than we're aware of, who have greatly enriched other people's live by way of their beautiful work.

    Many thanks Ian for sharing the link to such inspirational imagery!
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    I'm glad you all enjoyed them.

    Annie Leibovitz has a similar series and I think Kirsty's are definitely better. Maybe more clever is what I'm looking for.
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