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KER-RUNCH time for this weekend. I have my images matted, framed and then I forgot about how the heck I was going to display my work in the 10x10.

I have about 30 framed pieces.

I some how thought I was going to get lattice and suspect it from the 10x10 structure with nylon ties but the more I think about this the more I am freaking out.

Then I thought of a sheet of peg board but that is probably pretty heavy.

Maybe I could put a table inside and anchor the peg board to the structure and have the bottom of the peg board rest on the table

Anyone have any ideas?


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    i have seen all sorts of ways to hang photos inside a 10x10 pop up....I have seen people use chicken wire on 3 side and the na simple hook over the wire, I have seen welded wire panels: not onoy are these heavy but hard to transport, but they can be painted, and also plastic lattice....and then the real creative have used cable running vertically but I did not get to see what they had gripping the frames as they had also wrapped a tarp around the pop up to make it look better and also to stop people from snatching pics from the back side.....if this 10 x 10 is simply floor space then I would be making me some lattice frames or find some place that might have some used clothing store wire displays...these are a lot like welded wire cattle pen sections only lighter and chrome....I have seen them sell for $10-30 here per 4x8 section.......

    Good Luck.
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