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    edited December 25, 2013
    Glort wrote: »
    Business cards.
    Like great big ones that I can quarter up into 4 pics on the paper and have I nice large font with my name and phone number on it.
    I did them years ago and they worked pretty well. Only did a very limited run ( like 20) but the amount of people that commented on them was very disproportional. I had people telling me YEARS later they saw the cards and what a great idea they were. They brought me a lot of business through the door.
    I was also thinking of making them into coupon type things for promos to stick in with other photo orders etc which I think would also work.
    Knew the horrible undersized stuff was good for something!

    Your 4x6 business cards, were they printed on regular 4x6 paper or on 4x6 card stock?

    Ive had some success with community boards around here but regular business cards dont usually stand out so I have been doing 5x5s on regular textured paper and sticking those on the boards. :)
    Glort wrote: »
    Square is the best format of all!

    Ive been doing more and more square crops lately and people havent been complaining. Although nto many stores around here sell square frames, this should be a good opportunity to stick some up and make them an add on. :D

    The nice thing about square is you dont have to worry about crop ratio.
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