A hummingbird a gnatcatcher and a Hawk go into a tree

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I was taking some shots of a Red-shouldered Hawk that had landed in a tree above me when I noticed a humming bird and a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher flew out when it landed.

The Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was not all too happy about this and proceeded to go in for the kill! He beaned the hawk right in the head!

Here the Gnatcatcher is retreating after the beaning. Hawk didn’t know what hit it.

The Gnatcatcher wasn’t about to give up just yet. Here comes bean number two! The hawk although a little annoyed isn’t leaving.

“Oh no not again!” says the hawk.

The hawk got beaned 4 times. I tried to capture it but that speedy little gnatcatcher was too fast for me. The hawk finally did fly off with two gnatcatchers chasing it. Due to the good nature of the hummingbird it did not get involved in any of the violence.

(No birds were harmed in the making of this documentary. However the hawk’s feelings were definitely hurt)


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    Great series! Well captured.
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    If the hummingbird is like those in my backyard, it had just got finished beaning the gnatcatcher
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    Great entertaining shots. Yes, my little hummingbirds are meaner than a snake! Especially towards one another and protecting their own feeder.
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    Super shots! That Gnatcatcher is a brave little thing. It reminds me of Mockingbirds.
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