Mini-Challenge #167 - Winners and HMs

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What a excellent group of images - thanks again to all who participated!
As many before me have expressed, it was a tough, but pleasant task to narrow the field (71 images) to 9 Hms and 3 winners.
I felt that every submission very-well expressed the theme, and I was pleased to find - as I anticipated - a very diverse group of images with many
types of "faces" captured; Art, animals, people, rocks, water, wood, street, portrait, candid, humorous, quirky, beautiful.... you folks brought them all, and I enjoyed them all - that's why I chose this theme!

So, on to the results - I could have selected many more HMs, but you have to draw the line somewhere!

Honorable Mentions in no particular order:

I like this as a "semi-formal" type portrait - the woman is lovely, and the setting and treatment create a dreamy mood - very nice!

What a great candid moment captured! The intensity, physical presence, and character make it really eye-catching and cool.

What a fun catch! Great poses (hams aren't they?) and the shot makes me want to pet their fuzzy noses and give them a carrot!

I love Dali, and this image (presentation, composition, and lighting) helped me experience a display I'll likely never see in person - nice shot!

I love cats (got 3 of 'em) even more than Dali, so this fine portrait of Skitz (what a pretty kitty!) caught my eye - great technicals.

It takes a keen eye and a fertile imagination to catch these "hidden" faces - nice work Don!

Really liked all of your images - picked this one for the story told here and the anticipation of another story told when her "face" is finished.

All of your images are powerful... But, this one - so very well - shows us what we often experience with faces - the eyes say it all.

I love this portrait - color, lighting, freckles... but most of all, the charming innocence-of-youth expressed in her face and gaze.

Third Place - Gaby617
Superbly toned, sharp, B&W, nicely incorporating what is not expected in a portrait - a fence and an asymmetrical, partial face... cool!

Second Place - Alans Grin
I am always wow'ed when an image (in such a compelling way) takes me from my little part of the world, to other places and peoples.
Awesome capture of humanity and culture, and an excellent composition.

First Place - CHANDLERJA
An exceptional wildlife image! I picked this as First because of the sheer beauty of the image. This subject is often a challenge to capture well (I've tried)
because of the tricky lighting and environments they are usually found in... you did a great job!
And remember - a Handsome Prince is just a kiss away ;-)

Thanks again Dgrinners- this was way fun!
Best Wishes, Eric
Eric ~ Smugmug


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    Many thanks Eric for the 2nd place and a great competition.

    Congratulations on the win CHANDLERJA, I really love the frog shot and I usually prefer wildlife to people (no offence anyone!).
    As ever, some lovely images from all and I really enjoyed seeing them.

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    Thanks Eric for the HM and the category! That was fun! Some tough choices but I agree with the winner. Remarkable photo!
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    Thank you Eric!! wings.gif

    Lots of great images here!! VERY proud to be chosen as the winner!!
    Now to think of something interesting for my mini!

    Thanks again!!
    Light is everything in life and photography.
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    Hey, Eric!

    Nice collection of winners and HMs. Tough choices made well. Kudos to the winners, HMs and all participants.
    Bill Banning

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    superduckz wrote: »
    Thanks Eric for the HM and the category! That was fun! Some tough choices but I agree with the winner. Remarkable photo!

    Ditto, fun stuff. thumb.gif


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  • bfluegiebfluegie Big grins IndianaPosts: 511Registered Users Major grins
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    Hi Eric. Thanks for a great challenge theme and for the honorable mention. There were so many excellent entries and I enjoyed them all. Congrats to the winners.
  • Gaby617Gaby617 Major grins Posts: 218Registered Users Major grins
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    Wow! Very cool to get 3rd place considering its my first time ever entering any kind of picture contest. Congrats to all the HMS, Alans Grin and Chanderlja.
  • redleashredleash Texas Grins San Antonio, TXPosts: 3,783Registered Users Major grins
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    Congrats, Chanderja! Thanks, Eric, for a terrific challenge . . . and for the HM.

    This was one of the best subjects for a challenge and resulted in a truly enjoyable collection of images!

    "But ask the animals, and they will teach you." (Job 12:7)

    Lauren Blackwell
  • DawnyaLynnDawnyaLynn Big grins Posts: 42Registered Users Big grins
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    Thanks so much.
    I am so honored for the honorable mention. The woman is my daughter. This was taken Thanksgiving Day of 2012 and we were with family when she asked if I brought my camera. Of course I did, she wanted me to take some photos of her, and when I went to edit them and found this. I was floored. This is my favorite photo of her. This was totally not planned, she like the setting, I loved the setting and we used what was around us. Thanks again for the honorable mention.
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