Adobe offoring Photoshop CC and LR5 for $9.99 per month

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Looks like Adobe is scrambling a bit?

Adobe stated that owners of Photoshop CS3+ will be eligible to receive Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 together for US$9.99/month with a 12-month commitment.

Still, after one year then what happens to pricing??? And do you own LR???
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  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAAdministrators Posts: 11,653 moderator
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    Dang, that tips the scale for me. I'm in. thumb.gif
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    kdog wrote: »
    Dang, that tips the scale for me. I'm in. thumb.gif

    Sure the price is right, (for now).

    What happens when there is a glitch, all of Adobe's servers go kaput, or for one reason or another you no longer can authenticate your service ether short term or long term?

    Will the scale still be tipped when the cost is doubled or tippled?

    I have no problem renting a tool for a short term project, but am extremely resistant to renting a tool I use on a daily basis.

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    This is certainly quite the experiment that Adobe is doing huh? This isn't unheard of, though, the licensing of software for time periods, its just not common in the consumer space. I've been in the semiconductor industry for almost 25 years now, in the area of chip design. Most of the tools we use on a daily basis that are absolutely critical for designing chips is licensed on a time basis like this. So much per month for so many "seats". And some of these licenses are very expensive, even by corporate pocket book standards.
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    I will probably jump on this as I am still using CS3 (just new enough to qualify!).

    Sam: The program resides on your computer and you simply update monthly. I don't think server crash is a real worry (It cant be worse than Smugmug!).

    The program is not available yet at this price. Funny they would announce it and not make it available. I figure at this rate, an update every three years is about break even - plus always having the newest edition.

    Now I have to go buy a CS5/CC for dummies to figure out all the stuff I ignored when I was only using CS3!
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    Sam wrote: »
    I have no problem renting a tool for a short term project, but am extremely resistant to renting a tool I use on a daily basis.

    I would be especially wary of using the LR catalog on a subscription rather than perpetual license basis. You would need to keep paying just to find your old pics, never mind re-processing them. Nope, not for me until they come up with some exit point that gives you a perpetual license on what you have. :nono
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    Peeved myself, having recently upgraded in order to move to Apple platform at a cost of a several hundred dollars. This new deal would have been much sweeter.
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    John :
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