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I have to do two indoor portraits using ambient light which I havent really ever done. The girlfriend and I gave it a go for practice and came up with this shot. We were limited to my apartment but I dont think it came out bad. I wanted to blow out the back ground so you couldnt see the neighbors house :rofl

Anyway, Id love some feed back


I hate the railing but there wasnt much I could do. I was thinking about buying a thin white bed sheet and hanging it outside to create softer light and a less distracting back ground :dunno


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    The pose and idea for the shot are sound. There needs to be more focus control on her eyes, which seem way too soft. This doesn't work for me due to that alone.
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    I thought her face was a bit oof, or soft, as well. I'm not too sure that actually seeing the neighbors house wouldn't make a bit more of an impact...you know adding to the voyeurism of it. mwink.gif
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    I'd agree with the guys about eyes being soft. I'd also angle her just a touch more so that her front shoulder and face are a little bit closer to the camera. In this shot her head looks a tiny bit pushed back. The light and composition are great.

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