Mini-Challenge #179 (Greatest Gift) RESULTS

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Well, there weren't many entries but it was still a tough decision to pick a winner!

GrandmaR--I love the stories behind each picture you posted. The full set of teeth on your 7-mo-old made me chuckle. I really love your gold coin tradition. The lighting is a bit harsh on the coin & I wish the envelope were straighter so as not to have the darker area in the top right corner.

LifeinFocus -- Love the shadows of the letters in your grandson's name. I didn't see it at first--thought the angle was weird on the wooden letters, then BAM!...(face palm). Very cute!

TravelnLass -- Your "Friends" picture! THAT's what I'm talking about! Obvious joy there and a nice story to go with it. I also liked the pic of you with the statue of liberty oof behind you. I'm sorry those weren't taken by you. They both fit the theme so well.

Shooting Star -- Child's Smile is sweet. Nothing sound's better than children's laughter to me.

kdotaylor -- I love all three of yours for different reasons and would have a hard time choosing between just the three of them if they were the only 3 entered. I'm such a sucker for flowers and weddings, but the light on Sisters is just so sweet.

Earache-- Again, I love all three of yours. What's not to love in a Marine Corps band? You chose a perfect title for your statue. I love the statue with the oof flowers in the background. It is a beautiful shot.

Finally narrowed down my top picks:

Honorable Mention:

Shooting Star -- Chocolate. I can't think of too many people who don't find joy in good chocolate. I love how the reflection in the sunglasses sort of looks like a night scene when it is obviously daytime. Nice!

3rd Place:

kdotaylor - Sisters. Love that hug, love that sweet light. Your processing is superb.

2nd Place:

LifeinFocus - #3 Grandchild with Gingerbread house. Those eyes just drew me in!

And the WINNER of this round....

Earache -- A Father's Love. I kept coming back to this one. The title is perfect. The composition is nice. Your black and white conversion is nice. It is a simple image that really nailed the theme for me. The father is giving the gift of time, patience, & love to the child and the time with the child is the gift for the father. I love it, love it, love it.

So, thanks for playing everyone and thanks for all the great images. It really was hard to choose.

Oh, and Sapphire...I really love the image you posted. Too bad you couldn't get it entered in time. It would have made my job of picking the winner even tougher than it was.

Great job everyone!



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    The season was pretty busy for people. Too bad more entries were not entered. Lovely work everyone! Congrats to earache!
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    Great choices, Sherry. Great shot, Earache!
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    Sherry, I love the topic of this mini . Congrats to Earache and others.

    "You don't take a photograph, you make it." ~Ansel Adams
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    Thanks very much Sherry, for the pick, and your thoughtful selections and comments for the challenge participants.

    Your theme was so appropriate and timely for the season... at first, I didn't think I had any images to share,
    however, when I saw people in the news complaining that their Christmas was "ruined" by late gift deliveries
    by UPS and FEDEX, I was reminded that sometimes we lose track of what really matters in life, and I think
    your theme served to highlight what gifts may be more important to many of us... so, with that in mind, I took
    another look at my archives and indeed found some "gifts" - so thanks again for a thought-provoking challenge!

    I will get the next challenge up soon - I'm thinkin' hard about it right now!
    Happy New Year to all!
    Eric ~ Smugmug
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