Watermark can now be limited to larger display sizes



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    LostnomoreLostnomore Registered Users Posts: 8 Beginner grinner
    edited April 18, 2014
    taylowa wrote: »
    Would be very nice, if the thumbnail images no matter what you have it set to (mine is Collage Landscape Medium) would remove the watermark. This way you could make it so you could protect your smallest images individually, but have your gallery page not look like "crap" with watermarks all over the place. This was fixed for the slideshows, so it should be fixed for galleries, folder, pages, etc.
    I have this same problem. I've selected "Small" to be the smallest individual image size for a watermark to appear on, yet on my gallery page I see watermarks on the thumbnails. Ugly - please fix!!
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    AperturePlusAperturePlus Registered Users Posts: 374 Major grins
    edited June 20, 2014
    mbonocore wrote: »
    Thanks Aperture! Let us know how it works! thumb.gif

    Michael it works really well.. thanks again.

    i have another request and am not sure if I should create a new thread in Requests or carry on here as it pertains to the homepage that we can now display without watermarks. If I need to create a new thread, please let me know...

    We really need to be able to randomise the order of images that appear on the homepage, or at least organise the sequence of images.

    My homepage gets populated from keywords from numerous galleries and therefore, the ordering cannot be changed. I guess I could create an unlisted gallery, sequence the shots and then populate that to the homepage, but it seems a long way around the issue.

    For returning visitors, the same images all the time start to look boring.

    Is there any way of getting a 'randomise' on the homepage?
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    bokehlover71bokehlover71 Registered Users Posts: 156 Major grins
    edited June 20, 2014
    Is there any way of getting a 'randomise' on the homepage?
    A slideshow can be randomized, so on my homepage I use a slideshow as background. I have made a special album with high resolution images without watermark for this, and the slideshow randomly selects pictures from this album. This works fine for me.
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    AperturePlusAperturePlus Registered Users Posts: 374 Major grins
    edited June 20, 2014
    In my case, I am using multiple images collected from keywords, but thanks.
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    GeorgespyrosGeorgespyros Registered Users Posts: 71 Big grins
    edited June 30, 2014
    Well it is of very little use actually.
    You see my gallery's featured images are quite large actually, and my galleries images already set to medium size.
    I mean my minimum watermarked size already is overcovered in featured images.

    I still have to pull featured images from a hidden unwatermarked gallery. This really takes me some extra time to do , which is pity.
    See here for example

    Why you dont do the simplest option there is.
    Make FEATURED IMAGE, NON-watermarked, whatever the settings are if we choose too???

    It is... that simple!
    It will really save me 5-10 minutes in each gallery, and some confusion + unnecessary steps on the chain of things to do.

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    mbonocorembonocore Registered Users Posts: 2,299 Major grins
    edited July 1, 2014
    I am running my tests on that issue and will update you soon George
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