Wedding Photos In The Bookstore of Hai and Thuy

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Hi all,

These photos are in my newest album for my client. I've taken them 5 days ago in my Studio. What do you guys think about these photos? Any advice will be appreciate. As you know, your advice will make my work better.

Please take a look at Hai and Thuy's wedding photo album:





All the photos are in Asian style so it can be a strange thing for you.

Album Information:
Bride: Ngoc Thuy
Groom: Thanh Hai
Studio: XINH STUDIO at


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    I'm Asian, so I 'get' the style...I've seen much more "Asian" than these :)

    Personally, the photos are too busy for me, particularly the first three. The second photo is too 'flashy' for me...the groom looks ghostly pale white.
  • BrettDeutschBrettDeutsch Photographer Registered Users Posts: 355 Major grins
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    I agree that they're a bit busy for my taste and #3 is also a bit blown out (the bride's face and her dress). But more importantly, the photos bring a smile to my face, and you clearly have the ability to coax your brides and grooms into fun and attractive poses while keeping them relaxed and natural looking.
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    I LOVE that last one!
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    I'm not Asian, but I love these photos. Maybe I have some Asian ancestry of which I am unaware. :D

    But I agree with troopers about #2 - it seems overexposed, like the flash was too hot. The background looks good, so maybe you metered for the background and overexposed the bride and groom. Their skin is very white and all of the details in the dress are blown out. The dark tux has plenty of detail, though it's a little too light. On the plus side, it's a great pose and the groom is holding his camera correctly.

    I like this style. My favorite of the series is #1, because I like candid shots, and that one looks perfectly candid. I suppose you posed them for #1, but they do not look posed, they look completely natural.
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    As a photographer working for the Lin & Jirsa team, I totally understand the "style" of the photos you're going for, and I love it! I'm actually surprised you didn't get even more dramatic with your images, these are pleasant and balanced overall, a great set. A few technical bits here and there, as others mentioned, but hey as a collection it does come together nicely!

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    From my view, all are good but last one is best mwink.gif
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