ISO older smartphone (android or iPhone)

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Anybody looking to clear an old ATT phone off the shelf? My lovely teen dropped her HTC phone and shattered it - she's on the search for something (cheap) to replace it. Any functional, (relatively) recent smartphone - Android or iPhone - is fine as long as it works and is inexpensive.

PM with details, and thanks!!


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    Any particular service (AT&T, Sprint, etc)?
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    Oops - sorry - yes ATT!!!
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    Not from me personally but check their Gophone offerings. Also, specials labeled as GoPhone pop up at Walgreens, CVS, etc. I am using an Avail 2 also known as the ZTE 992 that I bought for around $60, I think it was at Family Dollar several months ago (probably longer ago than it seems like). Mine is activated on an AT&T MVNO - PureTalk USA even though it was packaged/sold as a GOPhone. I just activated using a PureTalk SIM ignoring the one in the package. Here is what a section of AT&T's site has about it:

    Of course, this is not the only lower end model that shows up this way but just an example.
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    I really expected a deluge of offers... I happen to be traveling at the moment but I'm pretty sure I have an iPhone 4 (or 4s) back at the house that you're welcome to make an offer on. I should be back on Monday.
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