Need video640URL in API 1.3.0, can't find them

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devbobo wrote: »
yeah, i'm a bit lagged on this, i'm actually working on it atm.

i'm adding the following parameters (if they exist)...

- Video320URL
- Video640URL
- Video960URL
- Video1280URL




I couldn't find these fields in API 1.3.0, I need them, what should I do?
I am using
Can anyone help me in this?



  • ktvoelkerktvoelker Sorcerer Registered Users Posts: 25 Big grins
    edited October 3, 2014
    These fields are supported in 1.3.0. Please send an email to [email protected] with the specifics of the API request you are making, and we will help you out.
    Karl Voelker
    Sorcerer and API Guy at SmugMug
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