? for those who photography sports and portaits...

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Question : for those who shoot sports as well as say portraits. How do you organize your website? I shoot both the normal human photography as well as equine sports, some high school sports. I'm needing a way to make my website easier to navigate and separate the sports from the normal human stuff. Would love to see your websites and hear your thoughts.


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    One thought is to not mix them, create a totally different website and even company name. Maybe your name 'Rudland' is in your current wedding/portrait business, then you create a different site for "MR Sports Photography". I think customers for one or the other service would think you're really a pro who concentrates on their specific subject when they see a site dedicated to it. Would you hire the best Sports Illustrated photographer to shoot your wedding?

    Just an idea to toss out there.....
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    I do horse racing and other equine stuff as well as soccer, rugby and landscapes. I just have them in different folders
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    Photogbiker makes a good point and if I was full time I would probably do that. But I'm not, so I just have my one SmugMug pro site. SmugMug makes organization a snap, highly recommended. www.jmphotocraft.com

    An "accurate" reproduction of a scene and a good photograph are often two different things.
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    That's a nice clean looking site Jack.

    I do it the same way and organise into separate galleries. I shoot dog agility and acrobatic gymnastics as well as (if I am honest) anything I feel like. Since I shoot for the clubs rather than just myself, I put the event shots in passworded private galleries. I am in the process of getting more releases signed, so I can copy some of the best ones to my front page 'portfolio' galleries.

    There's a link in my sig. if you're interested.
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    My top levels are:


    In sports, for example I have everything separated by season. So 2011-12, 2012-13, 2014-14, ...

    Under that is individual sports like Basketball

    then below that is yet another category boys and girls

    Yes, it's a lot of navigation but typically when I share on social media I'm posting a direct link, as I am with a portrait or commercial client.
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    Hi - I worked with Tom Snitzer on his customization and organization of his SmugMug site. We took one SmugMug site and created four themes - Nature/Travel, Sports, Corporate/Organization and Theatrical (http://www.snitzerphotography.com/). So basically separated Sports into its own area and theme.
    This also makes it easy for him to send out an unique link : http://www.snitzerphotography.com/Sports
    - jerryr
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    I don't think you need to have separate websites especially if you don't make a big amount from it. The simplest thing to do is just have better organization as others have suggested. Have a sports and portrait section.
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