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Hey everyone, why so quiet here?

Here are some recent engagement photos. Give me your comments, good or bad :thumb

1 i-HsQ5dL4-XL.jpg

2 i-krPmjm3-XL.jpg

3 i-K9WrZmF-XL.jpg

4 i-MXMhzTL-XL.jpg

5 i-h7MPgSV-XL.jpg


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    Good stuff, I'm sure they'll be happy with them. My initial thought is that the posing looks a bit "samey", and for an engagement shoot I'd go for a bit more connectedness - looking towards each other, maybe being a bit closer to each other. But often with engagement shoots it's harder to get them to relax for the camera, can be a bit tricky.
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    Very nice :)
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    Very nice. I like the natural un-posed feel of #4 the best.
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    These are really nicely executed! Overall, I love the colors and the look of the clouded sky against the colors of the couple.

    #1: I love where you placed the subjects and the background looks great too. Not sure how I feel about the downhill slope. I feel like if the couple was engaged intimately (whether kissing or holding each other) the tilt wouldn't be a problem. Overall, it's still a nice photograph.

    #2: Love it! Perfect use of composition, light, background, and mood/style.

    #3: Again..great composition, but they need a little more life flowing through them. Get them less posey and more lovey! even if they held hands or even faced away from you standing and looking at the water would have helped. I'm sure the couple will love it, but those few intimate moments turns this photograph from a nice shot to a great shot.

    #4: I dig it. Maybe the background can get recovered a little bit in post.

    #5: Wonderful colors in this one!

    Again, these are all critiques and slight nit picking. Overall, I'm confident the couple will love these. Keep up the good work clap.gif
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    pablo102pablo102 Registered Users Posts: 18 Big grins
    Nice tonality, very calm. Good work!
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    Nice couple. A bit to much gray, but this is the season

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