LR6 Plug-In failure to Publish

JonaBeth RussellJonaBeth Russell Registered Users Posts: 1,065 Major grins
edited April 1, 2016 in Bug Reporting
After updating both Lightroom and Smugmug Plug-In, I now receive an error message when Publishing to Smugmug. The message reads: "oauth_problem=signature_invalid".

Also, tried hitting the 'Sync Now' button in manager and no luck, I get the same message.

I've changed zero settings, and when I try to create a new service via SmugMug Plug-In, it never directs me to the Authorization page.

I'm using LR6 (CC) on a 2012 Macbook Pro (13"), 16gb RAM running El Cap.

Any and all help would be appreciated!


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