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Great wedding venue but lots of color cast from the green trees. Never thought that would be an issue. Harsh sun for a lot of the day.

#1 is one of my favorites. Great story telling photo IMO.






I've tried several different ways to correct the color and still appears to be a little off in my opinion. I can say that color correction really has never been an issue in the past. It is normally a simple fix for me or just beyond repair. The outdoor photos during this wedding all had the same color issues from all three cameras. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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    Good shots. I don't notice the green tint too much, but then I am red-green colorblind. You can try setting WB of the white shirt, or try to play around with the green saturation and tint channels. Curious to see how other would deal with this as well.
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    So very good shots))
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    Great shots! WB seems pretty close, if not a bit cool with a slight blue tint. (I measured it with a desktop color tool.) As Jon said, set your WB tool on the lapel of one of the gentlemen's white shirts and it will snap into place. I tried this and the photos look more alive with this adjustment.
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    Thanks for the compliments and suggestions. I did go back and pull my WB from one of the guys shirts and very little change on a true white. Warmed very little from like 5300K to 5450K. Thanks for the suggestions. In doing so and reading all the replies I think I found something that makes me feel a little dumb. The bride's dress is a little off white compared to the groom's shirt. Her dress appears to reflect the green around her more than anything else around. I went back and looked at several photos where she wasn't outdoors and it doesn't look the same green tint. It is still off white though and i hadn't really noticed.

    Thanks again
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    Some white fabrics have a lot of blue "whitener" added so choosing a numerical white balance based on time-of-day and cloud conditions is often best. Then just add a tint correction and you should be good for the correction of a couple of hours of shooting. (Repeat the process if/when the lighting changes.)

    Green "color poisoning" is a very real problem if surrounded by lush green vegetation. I generally do a white balance, black balance and a skin tone correction for critical shots. The skin tone correction may also turn the vegetation of the image to an unsightly hue, so you may need to do the skin tone correction on a lower layer and then "reveal" the corrected skin tone through a layer more correct for the rest of the scene.

    I use "PictoColor iCorrect Portrait" to help with semi-automation of color correction. The white and black color correction are just single mouse clicks, skin color correction 2-clicks, and it even includes a "memory color" correction which can be necessary.

    Yes, you need layers to get rid of all of the problems and semi-automation plus masking seems the fastest process.

    Links to products and some techniques mentioned (No, I don't get anything from these manufacturers, nor from the links. These are products I bought myself at full price [except that I'm still at PS CS4 and an older version of iCorrect® Portrait™] and techniques that I really do use.):
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    Thank you Ziggy 53 for all the info and links.
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    I think these are lovely. I don't notice a cast on this computer. Especially liking 1,3 and 4
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    Love the bubbles in #1!
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    Thanks again for all the compliments. I haven't been here in a while. Is the site dying off, there doesn't appear to be much activity lately??

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    very wonderful shoots , may i ask what kind of lens ?
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    Beautiful shots, 1 and 6

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    the photos are honestly great. i wouldnt worry about it

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    I didn't go back and look but most likely it was my workhorse lens. Nikon 28-70 f2.8. Thanks for asking and the compliment.

    @spider_mycron said:
    very wonderful shoots , may i ask what kind of lens ?

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    Wow, really beautiful outdoor wedding!
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    Superb and they look so joyfull. Really nice!

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