Mini Challenge #242 - Those Other Sports - RESULTS

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I had all the results typed in, did a preview then somehow lost it all. :s So this is my second try at this! Thanks for all the wonderful entries for this mini. I had a tough time deciding this one.

Honorable Mention:

  • GrandmaR (Rosalie-Ann) - As I said before, nice looking boat. It would have been nice if the top of the sail wasn't cut off in the shot, but one gets the idea. Your black-belt granddaughter looks like she has that match won!
  • Greg - I like the action in your Getting off the Ground shot. The vignette helps focus on the jumper and her tongue sticking out shows her determination! Nice height too. I also like the attitudes of the dancers in your second shot.
  • Ikbart - Nice lighting in all the ballet shots. The second shot has beautiful color and composition.
  • Pieter - Your second shot displays the solitude of the surfboard as well as the breadth of the ocean. Nice composition. I like the DOF of your last shot of what looks like father and son enjoying the race.
  • Tatiana - Nice action shot of the Harness Racing. Your third shot is a very interesting one that I like. The only focused areas are her hands and left heel - and somehow that is a very pleasing shot that also shows action.
  • Jeromy - Nice light on your surfer dude. He seems to be thoroughly enjoying the ride as well. And what's not to love about little cowboys enjoying their sport?
  • BluehoseJacket - The gravel pretty much says it all in your third shot. I'll talk about your others later.
  • Peter - Nice shots. The Waterski shot makes the sport look so easy and relaxed. :D However, the speed still comes through in the shot. I don't think I've seen that type of rope line before - one with a "seat". And nice DOF in your first shot.
  • Gretchen - Nice water sport shots and BW processing. I love how clearly the Kite Surfer shows up with the BW processing.

Third Place

Gretchen - the Diving photo. Really nice BW processing on this one - the light on the little girl is great. The mid-jump pose and look of anticipation and pure joy on her face makes me smile.

Second Place

Jeromy- The Sheep Busting photo. Perfect focus throughout all that action going on. And perfect timing. I assume that the little guy didn't get hurt and was up right away to ride again.

First Place

BlueHoseJacket - The first auto racing photo (prototype #8). Someday, I want to be able to pan as well as you do! Wonderful speed action with the stop-focus in just the right spot. Excellent color and example of panning.
So, congratulations on the win. And now you get to host the next mini-challenge. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. (someday we'll get to know what your handle means :D )


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