A Few From the Gulf Coast - Please see #5 Crops

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NOTE: Additional images starting with #6. C&C is much appreciated.


I thought I would make my annual appearance. Well, it does seem that way to me. Even with my new camera (Nikon D750) I don't get out to shoot much. I did spend a few days at the coast in January so thought I would share a few shots. I am pretty pleased with my new gear.
Appreciate any comments. Oh, and hi to all my friends--I have missed everybody! :smiley:

  1. Great Blue Heron feeding near sunset

  2. Pelican gliding by - This guy came towards me and went right by. I think my new gear solves my sharpness problem

  3. Sunrise - wanted to practice some silky water shots but it was really too rough water to work well. Still, I liked this one.

  4. Sunset at Fulton harbor

  5. Sunset at Rockport harbor - I was rushing to find someplace for what I thought would be nice light so I just pulled in and parked and set up my tripod on a short pier. About a minute later this is what I had.

  6. Same as #5 with a different crop

  7. Similar to #5 but I changed the coloring just a bit in post. It was also a different shutter speed.

  8. Approaching Sunset at Rockport Harbor - same harbor but from a different location and about fifteen min earlier

  9. Sunrise

  10. Sunrise - same location as #9 but from the other side of the pier. I like the fishing boats in the distance

  11. Speedboat on a last run before sunset

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