Street tableaux

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    Good stuff... nice comps

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    It's good to see you're out and rambling around again, Richard. These pictures speak volumes about the state of things in our society. In the first shot, all the young folks are absorbed with their phones. The older person is reading. Again, in the second shot, the person sitting on the steps is on the phone. I agree with Rags about the comps in these shots and, as always, I like your PP work.


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    Thanks, Tom and Rags. Glad you liked them.

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    Fine pics and may be Tom has got what the pics are telling. But I am not sure. No. 2 has on the right a strange looking person. What is his relation to the other person if any? Is the point that modern people are all strangers to each others?

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    Well, Tom is certainly right that everyone is using their cell phones all the time. Though that's part of both of these scenes, it wasn't what I was thinking about when shooting. In #1 I was mostly concerned with composition--the shadow lines and the arrangement of people and the statue. In #2, it was more a matter of how the people were dwarfed by the imposing (overbearing?) architecture of the cathedral. The people in that one were not together, but again I was mainly concerned with the geometry. Of course, the images stand on their own and everyone is free to make their own interpretation regardless of my intent.

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    I really like the play and placement of the shadows in the first image. Everyone on the phone is in the shade too, except for the person with his back to the viewer walking away. Nicely captured, Richard.

    I like the second image, but the people there seem more just for scale. To my eye, the building is the subject, whereas in the first image the people are the subjects. I like both.


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