Results of Mini-Challenge 253 - Wildflower Portraits

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This was a great set of images and putting together some kind of ranking has been tough. It was a treat to see so many plants from different places and I find myself going back to all of the images for yet another look. A couple of botanical notes -

@sarasphotos - your image #3 is likely in the genus Malvus or rose mallow. It is very closely related to hollyhock.

@bfluegie - your image #3 is a crane's bill, genus Geranium - I am not exactly sure which one this is. The group is sufficiently complex that you need to be an expert to sort them out.

Now to the rankings

HM to @Cavalier for the image of witches hair. The lighting on the individual threads gives a really clear impression of the structure of this unusual plant

Third place to @sapphire73 for the image of fireweed. You captured everything from a faded flower to an unopened bud in this image and you placed the anthers and stamens nicely against the pink of the flowers,

Second place to @sarasphotos for the image of the poppy. I loved the framing, and the way the delicate red petals sit against the soft green background

First place to @Jørgen_Bjerring for the great image of orange hawkweed. There is trememdous detail that shows up in the photograph, especially the hairs on the petiole and sepals, and the lighting creates a really nice 3-D effect that makes the image a lot of fun to look at again and again.

on a botanical note, orange hawkweed is a major invasive weed here in western Canada, and lots of effort is going into its control. In Europe, it is a really nice member of the roadside flower assemblage. Thanks again to everyone who participated. Over to you Jørgen!


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