Mini Challenge #255 - Going Wild!

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Since our last challenge was about domesticated animals, this one will be about wild animals! Post your best wild animal shots. To make it easy on some of you, your wild animals can be in the zoo, but be sure that it is a true wild animal, leave out the petting zoo animals. It's open to any animal that is truly wild. Please no farm animals, regardless of their wild behavior! So if all you have is bird shots, give us your best. This challenge will start immediately from the time of this post, till November 3, 2017 at 12PM Alaska time (which is -1 from Pacific time).

Here are some examples of what I am looking for:
Bear standoff (this was a zoo shot)

Multi-tasking bear in the wild (shaking and walking while relieving itself!) Denali National Park

Visitor in my front yard

Soon to hibernate - Fall in Denali National Park

Silver Coat

Prepare for landing!

Sunbathing in St. Thomas USVI


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