Alternative for Powerex MH-C800S battery charger??? SOFT charging needed.

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I am just wondering whether there is any alternative for Powerex MH-C800S AA (AAA) battery charger. I had two units in the last 4-5 years. Both of them are dead.
I like them as a charger when they work. Unfortunately, it turns out they all fail within 1-2 years if you use them (all the time) as a professional photographer.

I would like to have a charger which allows me to charge battery in "soft" charge mode to make sue my batteries last long and it lasts more than 2 years...



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    I don't own one but the MAHA Powerex MH-C800S does have a number of users reporting that the rightmost bay does get pretty hot, and that seems to be a cause of premature failure for the charger, not to mention the extra heat is probably adding undue stress on the batteries in that bay.

    One user dissected a MH-C800S charger and did confirm a very small (probably insufficient) heatsink .

    I suggest that it might be wise to either add a larger heatsink, if you have some experience with electronics, or possibly just add a small external fan to help cool the charger during use.

    Otherwise, reviews of that charger are generally positive.

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