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Hi All, I am a school photographer and I have been using Zenfolio for my school photography proofing. I photograph about 2000 kids a year butI have had a rough time with how the system runs. I get complaints every day with parents struggling to use the system. Does anyone have any experience with type of work and software? I will say some of the things that I do like about Zenfolio is it sends orders directly to MIllers Lab and the parents have been very happy with the product. I like that they print and ship the orders out for me. But the issues with navigating have been serious. Can anyone suggest a company or software? Id love to hear your opinions.


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    Probably not much help - Australian -, but our school photographer has an msp franchise.
    He shoots something like 10000 students a year (I believe) in south east South Australia and western Victoria.
    He said it was a no brainer FOR HIM - all automated and they do all the printing, delivering.
    Uses a bar code reader to track every student.
    He just does the shooting - the company takes care of the rest.
    Maybe something similar in US

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