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    Thanks all for your kind comments and observations.

    A minor tip for M50 users, and possibly the M50 Mark II as well.

    If there were magic genies who could grant wishes, I would ask that the Canon original M50 had a deeper shot buffer. Image acquisition is rather limited to 10 RAW or 33 JPEG image bursts, so I used the Technicolor Cinestyle* profile to shoot JPGs with a little better latitude vs the standard JPG profiles in direct bright-sun conditions. If the sky had become mostly cloudy or overcast, dynamic range would be naturally more limited and a standard picture profile works fine.

    Then I used Corel PaintShop Pro 2022 and their proprietary "Smart PhotoFix" to rapidly get back to a fairly normal-looking gamma and saturation, followed by individual tweaking for each image. (e.g. Late-day sun warms images, which the camera mostly corrects if an automated white-balence program is selected. This works pretty well for mid-tones and highlights, but shadows and shadow recovery often result in off-looking colors, requiring some software remediation in post.)

    *(Technicolor Cinestyle is an optional camera profile, available from Technicolor for free and works with most Canon EOS cameras which support adding profiles.)

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