a spring visit, Acadia National Park

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A number of years back I started visiting Acadia National Park twice a year. My target dates are spring and fall - before and after the heavy summer visitor population. This year's spring visit was just two weeks ago. I started with an overnight visit with a friend in Yarmouth, Maine before heading to Downeast Maine.

I started my visit in the Schoodic section of the park, https://www.nps.gov/acad/planyourvisit/schoodic.htm. As I got closer to the tip of the peninsula the blue of the sky disappeared, replaced by a bit of fog.

1 :: warning sign

2 :: trees, reflected

3 :: rocks and twisted trees, at the tip of the peninsula

4 :: diabase dike

5 :: rocks and water

6 :: heading north along the edge of the peninsula

The ocean creates songs in areas of round rocks. There are wonderful sounds as the rocks roll in reaction to the waves.

7 :: round rocks

As I was driving from Schoodic to Mount Desert Island the sky changed.

8 :: across from the park information stop, crossing to the island

I had 2+ days to wander in the part of the park on Mount Desert Island

9 :: along Park Loop Road, looking inland

10 :: early spring green

11 :: rushing water, at the edge of Sand Beach

12 :: looking back to Sand Beach

13 :: rocky coast

14 :: Jordan Pond

15 :: rocks and trees

16 :: in the woods (Compass Harbor trail)

17 :: jagged and round rocks

If you're interested in wandering through more of the photos from this trip you can find them at https://www.denisegoldberg.com/Travel/Acadia-May-2018.


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    Glad you can get back there so often, Denise. I've only visited the park once, for a Dgrin/Smugmug Shootout in 2009, and have always wanted to go back - but like you - not during the heavy tourist season! Great photos as always. Looks like you had favorable weather.

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    @David_S85 said:
    Glad you can get back there so often, Denise...

    Thanks David!

    I feel lucky that Acadia is a very reasonable drive from home, about 4 1/2 hours. I know I wouldn't be happy with the crowds there in the summer; heading up early in the spring and sort of late in the fall works well for me. One of these years I'll try to get there in the winter.

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