Worst Wedding You have ever taken photos at ?

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I would love to hear some stories ( and even some photos ) of the worst wedding that you ever took photos at , Be it your fault or some other mishap.

I took photos of a older couples wedding , The groom had gone missing just before the ceremony was about to start , We found him drunk and passed out at a neighbors house ... We managed to get him to stand at the altar and did our best to make him look ok , The Priest kept wrinkling up his nose because he smelt real bad. I was put too the test and took photos "around " all the defects , When it came to putting the rings on both thier fingers , when she placed the ring on his finger and slid it down , , I really dont know what the hell he had been up to , but he had some sores ,on his fingers , Next moment blood squirts onto the priests bible .. Yea , so about te time of the "first dance" he is so drunk , he is stumbling all over the place , He stands in the middle of the dancefloor and tells everyone to "5766 Off , His wedding , so go away , The bride ran out the room crying .. men were upset , I think a fight broke out ..
I left right after that .. That was in a Small town Called Langebaan outside Cape Town in South Africa.

There was another wedding , I had slept with the Groom , It was a Gay wedding and the groom was one of my first lovers when i was just out the closet ( at around 20 ) . I did the wedding 24 years later. He obviously told his new husband and let me tell you , I got some real dirty looks and glares when doing the solo photos. The photos came out beautifully even though I had vowed never to do another wedding after the Langebaan Drunk Groom incident. .

Look no judgement made , Just love to hear your horror stories from a photographers view

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