Worst Wedding You have ever taken photos at ?

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I would love to hear some stories ( and even some photos ) of the worst wedding that you ever took photos at , Be it your fault or some other mishap.

I took photos of a older couples wedding , The groom had gone missing just before the ceremony was about to start , We found him drunk and passed out at a neighbors house ... We managed to get him to stand at the altar and did our best to make him look ok , The Priest kept wrinkling up his nose because he smelt real bad. I was put too the test and took photos "around " all the defects , When it came to putting the rings on both thier fingers , when she placed the ring on his finger and slid it down , , I really dont know what the hell he had been up to , but he had some sores ,on his fingers , Next moment blood squirts onto the priests bible .. Yea , so about te time of the "first dance" he is so drunk , he is stumbling all over the place , He stands in the middle of the dancefloor and tells everyone to "5766 Off , His wedding , so go away , The bride ran out the room crying .. men were upset , I think a fight broke out ..
I left right after that .. That was in a Small town Called Langebaan outside Cape Town in South Africa.

There was another wedding , I had slept with the Groom , It was a Gay wedding and the groom was one of my first lovers when i was just out the closet ( at around 20 ) . I did the wedding 24 years later. He obviously told his new husband and let me tell you , I got some real dirty looks and glares when doing the solo photos. The photos came out beautifully even though I had vowed never to do another wedding after the Langebaan Drunk Groom incident. .

Look no judgement made , Just love to hear your horror stories from a photographers view

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    I have done a few weddings at halls that were little more than cinder block brick buildings with florescent lighting. tough to make it look nice.

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    I've only done 3 weddings but my second one was enough to make me never want to do another one. I was the second shooter. We met with the priest prior to the ceremony. He told us where he would allow us to stand and where would be the best place to be once the ceremony began so we could be out of the way and still get our shots. Well, now....the place where the priest told me to go was smack dab in the way of the altar boys and the other officiant! Every thing I did the other guy was telling me to move (nicely....at least at first). I was so embarrassed. After the 5th or 6th time of being in the way, and being mortified each time, I just felt like it was a comedy of errors. I missed a lot of shots because to move out of the way of that other group of participants usually put me at a bad angle or took the time I should have been shooting. The good news is that I don't think most of the wedding guests or the bride and groom noticed. The mother of the bride noticed though and kept shooting glares at me the whole time and of course the altar boys and other officiant were annoyed as well. UGH! I did apologize to them after the ceremony and explained that the priest had placed me in that spot.

    I guess it could have been worse, but I still felt horrible about it.

    Sherry P.

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    Worst wedding... Pff. I was a great hall with florescent light. Very wierd color. Difficult to do it in post.

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    The worst wedding was my first wedding that I photographed. The groom asked me about the drone and carbon ice, as if it were my job to know about that stuff. My mistake is that I have not been able to talk to them from the beginning.
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