Canon EOS R Mirrorless Camera System with RF Mount Lens System



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    @pathfinder said:
    I'd rather have built in focus stacking, a lower base ISO - say maybe 5 or 10 ( yes 5 or 10, think what a 10X ND would do with an ISO of base 5 ), and 30-40 Mbits would be just fine if it included in body image stabilization of 4 or 5 stops and dual card slots

    How about 80 MP? Would that hold ya for a while?

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    I'm not sure I really even want more than 30-40 Mpixles if they're good pixels.

    I am getting tired of waiting though...

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    Report: Canon EOS R’s New Firmware Makes AF Comparable to Sony’s
    28. Aug. 2019

    The Canon EOS R is getting a firmware update that significantly improves its autofocus for sports and portraiture.

    ... On a recent press trip, we had the chance to play with a beta version of the latest firmware update. This new update brings majorly improved autofocus tracking. Indeed, a room of journalists was seriously pleased with some demonstration videos we saw.

    Further, we were surprised to see just how good the new firmware is. To me, Canon’s place in the mirrorless camera world has been all about its lenses. They’re making focal length options that no one else is even talking about, much less creating. Now that they’ve given the camera a bump in autofocus performance, we’re happy to report that we were really shocked at what it can do.

    During my session with a version of the Canon EOS R with a beta firmware installed, we found the tracking to be pretty much flawless. We used the Canon RF 50mm f1.2 L USM, Canon RF 85mm f1.2 L USM, and the Profoto B10. The entire system was able to perform on par with what I feel most Sony cameras can do.

    In comparison to every other camera system, so far we are finding that the Canon EOS R’s new firmware update is:

    • Pretty much comparable to Sony’s, but I’d still put my money on the Sony a9 or the Sony a7r VI for consistency.
    • Far better than Nikon’s
    • Much better than Fujifilm’s X and GF series
    • Significantly better than Panasonic’s S1 and S1R series of cameras


    ziggy notes:

    The boldface emphasis above is mine.

    There is more to this report so I recommend everyone click the link above and make your own assessments.

    This is currently beta firmware. While it's encouraging to see Canon involve journalists, you cannot currently get this to try for yourself. Hopefully Canon is close to a release date and just wanted to see if a limited public beta event could shake out any major issues. I urge patience from users so that the final release isn't rushed.

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