Ton of Walton

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This light house in Santa Cruz harbor. About an hour drive for me. Not sure why I have gone back to this spot so often. I guess if there is good weather, and I don't have chance to go far, I end up here. Below are my efforts.

1) Waiting on Sun

2) Harbor Buoy

3) Early Rider

4) Beacon & Cheese

5) End of a Journey

6) Return Home

7) Blue Crush

8) Golden Beacon

9) Happy Travellers

10) Illuminated

11) Father's Day


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    Well, geez! I can't pick one best because they're all best. You're a lighthouse stalker, aren't you?

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    Thanks David! Hah! I think as much time I spend on coast, at some point people are bound to get suspicious! My first trip to this spot, I didn't think there was much and learn! Cheers!

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    Capitola Parking Authority called. That haven't seen you in a few days and wanted to know if you were alright. :open_mouth:

    Just kidding. Love these!!

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    Taz, you delivered again! All of these are fantastic, but my two favorites are #4 and #7 for their sheer dynamics.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    You got some stunning shots here with beautiful conditions and compositions. I don't like the superimposed boats etc (apologies if I'm wrong here - seeing sharp boat on a long exposure of a moving sea hurts my brain) but that's just a personal thing.
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    Almost a full calendar of great images!

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    Thanks K-dog, Kurz, PJ , Denise and Ziggy! I am humbled and overjoyed with your support. Yes, the boat were shot with higher speed to keep them sharp but they were there.

    Cheers guys!

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    There's some wonderful work here, Taz! Thanks for sharing them.

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    Mighty fine, brother, mighty fine. You may have driven me from the photographer ranks. My personal shrink suggests something perhaps a little less demanding.....tiddly-winks, or maybe tick-tack-toe.

    I always wanted to lie naked on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace. Cracker Barrel didn't take kindly to it.
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    Tom and Don, thanks kindly. Love your work and kind comments!

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    Taz!!!! These are remarkable! LOVE LOVE LOVE the people elements, thank you so much for including them. Such a lovely set, there's no way I could choose a favorite. I'm a fan of the images with the boats, and love that you were able to get just enough shutter drag to blur the water a tad. Nice work my friend!

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    JBR, thanks kindly! The people element is what I learned from you! Cheers m8!

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    Excellent... you got great sky... all treated well...

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    Thanks kindly Rags

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    Another stunning set of images. I always look forward to, and enjoy your post.
    As to the question of why we keep going back to a place multiple times, often it is convenient, often there is something compelling that pulls us back time and time again. Frequently our best work comes from these places, because we are familiar, and have an idea of what we want to accomplish.


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    I'm late to this thread, wonderful work! I agree with the comment of sharp birds or boats on blurry water. Having said that #1 and #7 are outstanding!

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    Thanks Phil and Cristobal! Appreciate valuable insight about same spots. I know Cristobal, need to be more consistent with story. Cheers!~

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    There is nothing not to like about this set - truly stunning images! The first one is pretty, well, perfect!! Lighting, composition, color, movement, stars of multiple types, and birds to show size and context. I think this belongs on my wall!! Exceptional collection!


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    Many thanks Lauren! Cheers!

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    What a great set, Taz!!

    I love the colors and the flow - they're all really great!

    Just one question - how wet did you and your camera get in #4 and #7?

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    Thanks kindly Jim!

    Yeah, I let wave run me over for was not high enough to risk gear but the bigger danger was that beach always causes tripod to sink after the wave.....and I wasn't sure if exposure would be in focus or shaken or what....its only way to get that one....

    For #7 for sure, its a shower! Canon claims their equipment is weather far so good!


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    I'd like to give you some critical feedback, but I can't. As far as I am concerned they're all great. I'm annoyed that I didn't know that this lighthouse existed. I spent a year at Fort Ord and have been to Monterey about a dozen times since then. Well, now I know, so the next time I go I'll be heading to Santa Cruz with my hopefully waterproof Canon, tall boots and a long rain slicker in hand.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks kindly Brody! Yeah, I learned about it not too long ago! Monterrey is a great town and I lived there for 4-5 years I think! Cheers!

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