Snowmaggeden Saguaro

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We had what they are calling 'snowmaggeden' last week. I have not seen so much snow.... it was quite amazing considering it is the desert. Nothing like walking around and sinking into the snow and on a cactus. We were in part of the storm; coming in sideways with almost no visibility. It stopped a little while making everything so crisp and white.









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    It's amazing to see your photos of cactus in the snow!

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    Well, that's something you don't see everyday. Thanks for sharing. I like the second image best.

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    Very intersting. Well done. I'm with Phil, #2 is pure dynamite.

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    Holy Cow. Great pictures, but so sad to see the desert covered in snow like that!

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    That is unbelievable! Good shooting Anna Maria!

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    Thanks for the visuals. Dramatic pics, for sure. I had heard about all that snow (35 inches in some spots?) on the news. Any problem with snow like that on desert plants? I know saguaro are strong plants, but what about the wildlife and other plant species? Will they be OK?

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    Geez, I bet that was an experience for you!! I'm with the concensus - #2 is my favorite, although I may have cropped it a bit differently myself.

    I bet your dog had fun!

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    Very nice!

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    Interesting... I like #3 best - it has some playing room... hiking contrast up might be interesting

    Nice captures

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    Thanks for your comments. The saguaro are very hardy but for humans tearing them down and fires; otherwise they will just get plump with all the moisture - even snow. on occasion i have seen a few that have fell because of too much moisture but not the norm. I have many more photos and cropped ones too... thanks again for your suggestions and comments.

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