Mini-Challenge #283 Abstract ICM and/or Multiple Exposures

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I am hoping this one will be fun for everyone and perhaps stimulate your creativity. Creating abstract images using "Intentional Camera Movement" (ICM) and/or multiple exposures (in-camera and post-production) is an area of photography I have recently started to explore, and I am finding it challenging and stimulating to intentionally do things that create "sideways" looks at the reality captured by cameras. Your abstracts can be created with either ICM or multiple exposure, or both, and the multiple exposures can be created using simple layering in a program such as Photoshop. However, I am NOT looking for heavily photo-shopped images where layer masks have been applied to insert new objects or distort reality (i.e., transform, liquify or distortion filters). Please tell us something about how you created the image. Some examples and discussion below. Rules can be found at this link: AND please keep in mind that if your image is selected as the winner, you have the responsibility to create the next challenge.

This challenge will run from 17 April 2019 to 8 May, 2019 at 12 PM Vancouver time (which is -8 UTC)

  1. A simple ICM abstract using a 1/6 s exposure and a downward ICM

  1. A landscape created with a triple exposure showing two views of the mountains above me, and the pond at my feet

  1. A portrait created with a double exposure. I am finding this kind of work requires an overexposed first image (the person) and a darker second exposure

  1. A double exposure created in Photoshop. I photographed the daffodils as a sharp image and an out-of-focus image, then combined them later. I simply used one of the blend modes and adjusted the opacity until I was happy.

  1. an Echevaria flower, in triple exposure, with the camera rotated. The nice thing about doing this in camera is the the results tend to surprise and delight.

  1. Finally, a triple exposure with ICM at 1/6 sec. Bonus points if you can guess the subject.


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