Upcoming Lightbox improvements (2019 edition)



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    The new "LightBox" changes stink! The viewing experience is lousy and unacceptable. You broke my web site on Windows, Android and my iPad. Totally crappy what you did to my SmugMug site! And CSS code to fix some of the issues shows does not fix all the issues some of the code does not work because of the underlying bad programming. Totally disappointed and annoyed with these bogus changes!

  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyPosts: 2,310Registered Users Major grins
    edited November 16, 2019

    ...and on the other side of the coin, I am completely happy with the new lightbox. For me the text display is perfect just where it is. Please don't change a thing - or if you do, then make it customizable to the current view.

  • ShinryaShinrya Peter Stewart Hong KongPosts: 158Registered Users Major grins

    Same here. Now they've ironed out a few issues, I'm sure only more CSS tweaks will follow. It's a nice modern improvement over the old lightbox and shopping cart experience.

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    could you return sizes button back please? My clients need to download different sizes (no, they are not able to resize the image themselves) so without sizes button I need to upload one photo multiple time. Or at least create some smart gallery of the same things. This was one of the reasons why I chose smugmug as storage for my photos. Really why did you remove such wonderful feature?

    Thank you,

    > @leftquark said:
    > In addition to a number of improvements, we've also removed or changed some functionality and I wanted to make sure all of you are aware:
    > 1) The Sizes button has been removed.
    > (Quote)
    > 2) A number of the Tools have been removed, specifically: “Collect”, “Develop with PicMonkey”, and “Crop Thumbnail”
    > (Quote)
    > 3) A number of the Tools were omitted but will be added soon: “Show (or Hide)“, “Make a Copy”, and “Replace”
    > (Quote)
    > 4) The Photo Info option to display metadata has been merged with the “Photo Details” (Title, Caption and Keywords)
    > (Quote)
    > 5) We’ve changed how Show Filenames works.
    > (Quote)
    > 6) The “Map” currently is not displayed as part of the Photo Details. It will be added in soon but was omitted to get this launched sooner.
    > 7) Pinch to Zoom on Android will not work at launch. We’re working on adding it back in.
    > 8) Tapping the Buy button no longer opens a menu, it immediately launches the add to cart options in a sidebar
  • AllenAllen "tweak 'til it squeaks" St. Louis, MoPosts: 9,725Registered Users Major grins

    I agree, the size button in lightbox needs to come back.

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