Google Analytics Buy Button Click

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Hi, first post so go easy on me :smile: Apologies if this has been asked before (I could see similar posts but nothing too specific).

I have Google Analytics setup and working on my SmugMug site, but I'm wondering if it's possible to track 'Buy' button clicks. It seems like a big failing that we can track the /checkout page using goal conversions but not the 'Buy' click, my reasoning being that this might be a useful indicator that customers are turned off by price (or other options presented on clicking 'Buy').

I've peaked at the code behind a little bit and can see that the buttons are using data annotations and Google Tag Manager is installed on the page, so setting up Custom Dimensions should be possible, but we can't add custom JavaScript to pages.

Has anyone else solved this? Is it a feature waiting to happen still? Thanks in advance for any guidance
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