Spring Green

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    Too much out of focus to gain my interest.

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    I like the soft look but it's hard to get a good shot with that kind of dappled sunlight. Here the orange section at the bottom keeps drawing my eye.

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    Thanks for the comments. I tried to tone down the lower right corner but I should have obliterated it. This is a bit of a strange configuration, 300mm-e tele shooting down into an inaccessible tangle with a small glowing patch of green. I was a bit startled when I saw it on the computer. The only processing was darkening the shadows and trying to tone down the bright lower corner but the image had a bit of an Orkin processes look to it, maybe because of the shallow DOF. Anyway, I like the look of the green and the shallow DOF didn't bother me. I almost wish that nothing was in good focus so that it would all have the same Orkin look.

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    @Cornflake said:
    Here the orange section at the bottom keeps drawing my eye.

    This for me too, but I do very much like the shot, and the soft effect the light and shallow focus gives it. Just has the right mood to it. To the first point, it would be relatively easy to darken the bottom right section to reduce the somewhat distracting orange/brown background and bring the subject to more prominence.

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    It's looking like an animated picture to me!

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