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I’d like to check in on the status of Lightbox v2. How much is still coming and how much of what we have represents, for now, the completed product?

The list of patches over the last few weeks has been impressive: captions in photo buttons bar at the bottom (including in small buttons mode); no upscaling on the zooms, which now use the maximum display size image; slideshow captions; adjusted and re-ordered entries on the camera details; toned-down Firefox scroll bars. I may be forgetting some. In two places, however, these have had unintended side effects. These are ones where I’m particularly interested in the status. And there's one related issue.

First, Allen and I noted the Firefox scrollbar changes apply everywhere inside the body of Smugmug pages, not just on the lightbox sidebar, and the resulting scrollbar can be too indistinct in some settings. I’m most concerned about horizontal scroll bar in carousel displays since those are site-visitor-facing. Site owners can figure things out. Visitors maybe not. Adjustment options include Smugmug modifying Firefox scrollbars or letting the users do it themselves. Right now we can’t since the user CSS interpreter strips entries with the Firefox scrollbar properties, unlike the handling of the -webkit scrollbar properties. Is something be worked here?

Second, while it mostly makes sense to remove the little icon in the photo buttons bar when both titles and captions are available, doing so left an inconsistent edge case that I noted here: If the link doesn't work, it's my Aug. 27 post in the Upcoming Lightbox improvements (2019 edition) thread. Anything coming here, or is it enough of an edge case that you, for now, are just watching?

Third, the new lightbox raised a related issue, although it's not internal to the lightbox itself. I haven’t used titles on my photos, but as I noted very early on, lightbox v2 really does encourage them. A prerequisite for that, at least on my site, is being able to sort galleries on title, much as one can currently sort on caption. Any motion or plans for motion there?

I’ll note all sorts of other lightbox issues have come floating by in the last weeks, but now that things have settled in, these are the only residual lightbox things where I’m still feeling much of an impact. There are some nice-to-have ideas out there that would be, of course, nice to have. (And I have a list of non-lightbox issues, as do we all, but that’s a subject for another post.)

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    This seems to be what is affecting the scroll bar in Firefox.
    LB vertical info bar, inside LB photo edit box, gallery description box in gallery settings to name a few.
    Inside an edit HTML block on a page is also affected. Here, thumb shows as a small square?
    The edit a menu widget on the link tab no scroll seen. Changing to 0.5 brings it into sight. Otherwise there is no way to scroll the menu. other then the mouse wheel.

    Using WebDeveloper I changed transparent to 0.5 and the thumb showed bright enough to see and use in all these places.

    .sm-user-ui body * {
        scrollbar-color: rgba(211,212,212,0.1) transparent;

    It is in

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