Strathcona Wilderness Centre

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I originally posted this image as part of a multi-shot series in the Journeys thread. However, I thought that it may be more appropriate here. Sorry for any confusion and multiple posts.

This is an infra-red (IR) image taken with my color IR modified D300, at an unnamed pond within the Strathcona Wilderness Centre, east of Edmonton, Alberta [53.538205,-112.995129].

Beautiful fall day despite some cloud cover and occasional, light snow. Temps around -2C.

CC always welcomed


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    Beautiful autumn image. Well framed too.

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    Beautiful IR image

    I converted a 300s once; but never had results like this...

  • El GatoEl Gato Global Trekker Posts: 345Registered Users Major grins

    David & Torags...

    Thank you both for your comments. I truly appreciate them!!

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    Now that's a stunning shot, and it's in IR to boot. I'm rightiously impressed. A great guy, named Claude Kirk, used to be active on our forum and his forte was IR work. He has his own forum now that's devoted to IR exclusively.


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    Wonderful scene and warmth and colors, but for some reason whole image is fuzzy.....something the way you are rendering your JPEG perhaps....

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