Fall Colors

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I don't get to see the leaves turn very often these days, because I'm 5,000 miles away (I know, poor me on a tropical island in paradise lol). But this year, I got to see a little start to the season, and that sure was nice! These were all shot with a Sony a7riii + 100-400 GMaster, handheld. Enjoy!





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    Hi JBR, hope you are having fun wherever you are! Not sure if your editing abilities are limited due to being far from home.

    The light is super flat but I guess that can't be helped.

    The first is best of the group, but middle of right edge has some out of focus distracting elements. Cloning out candidates for me.

    The third one has these out of focus elements in fg in half the frame at edges, I suppose trying to create a "bokeh" frame around the colors?
    It is actually not pretty and best might be to crop it out.

    Hopefully you get to see some colors with directional light, when Sun is low and colors are backlit.


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    I've been up in the Appalachians and Smokies for about a month now. The colors have been quite impressive....one of the better shows in quite a while. For some reason, however, some of the colors here, particulaly some of the reds, seem to have been overly saturated in processing. Probably just me....I'll blame it on the "shine these old boys up here can produce.

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    Oy. Oversaturated or flat, edited completely, or not, hey, whatever... The colors are joyous! Obviously way different than what she is used to in Hawaii. I am always excited to see the full color display every autumn, even if I don't take pictures of it. I am not so excited about what follows the 3 months afterwards. All that said, I favor the first shot.

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    Incredible detail, sharpness & color - beautiful shots!

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    I like the treatment of #1 the most

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