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I would have liked a few more entries but on the other hand it's a busy time with everybody preparing for the holiday season. And the entries were all outstanding, so really nothing to complain about

First some comments:
@Cavalier : 1: Nice reportage shot, 2: Great texture, 3: Stunning light on the grapes
@sarasphotos : 1: Love the depth you managed to get in this shot, 2: they almost look like cherries, 3: Never seen one of those, I would nickname it "brainfruit"
@JAG : 1: Great bold colour, 2: as #1 + good light brought out the texture of the dried pepper, 3: Nice detail and bold coloured for a banana
@grandmaR : 1: love the proud look on the ladies face, 2: looks yummie and healthy, 3: great work for an "early" class
@DavidRGillespie : 1: They all look delicious, 2: Nice and glossy, 3: great find, the very ripe one among a group that still needs some time
@RalphMoon : 1: Great simple composition, 2: Is that an easter egg in the hand of the puppet? (nice scene btw), 3: Nice play with the lighting

And now the "prizes"

3rd place (shared between 2 shots)

@RalphMoon said:
1) Two Fuyu

For the simple composition

@JAG said:
2 Dried Pepper

For the minimalist composition with still nice detail due to the light

2nd place

@Cavalier said:
Pearls of Chardonnay - Gold Hill Vineyards, Placerville, Ca:

For the way the stunning light was captured

And the winner with first place is:

@sarasphotos said:
1) Hillside apples (Bad Gastein, Austria)

For the great depth by including the out of focus landscape behind the heavily loaded branch.

Congrats Sara, and I pass the baton for the next mini to you

Pieter, aka pegelli
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