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Good Afternoon Grinners -
When my Bride passed away last Jan 29, we used a company in Northern California to handle her ashes. The company is www.BetterPlaceForests.com and they spread your loved ones ashes (and yours if you like) at a tree that you also purchased. Its a very unique idea and one whose time has come. Look at their web site for more details.
In any event - last Dec 14/15 they asked me to fly to the Point Arena forest site (about 60 miles North of Santa Rosa) and film a testimonial commercial for them. During the filming one of the young ladies (Ali) took this photo with her cell phone. I am physically sitting on that brown bench in the middle and my mug shot is on that small screen. We are also about 1/2 mile from Sheila's tree and ashes.
That "beam of sunlight" on the left side makes this one of the most powerful photos I will ever see.
Hope you enjoy



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    So sorry for your loss. Glad that this image gives you comfort.

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    Lo siento mucho.

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    I'm sorry for your loss. It is a very interesting picture, the beam of light is special.

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    I wish you all the strength of this world in these times of mourning. This is indeed a very special picture, and I'm glad that you have it. With that forest, I think a great place for her final rest was chosen. We have such a place here too, and both my father and my cousin joined the soil of this magical place. When it's time for me to go, I wish to have a tree instead of a tombstone as well.

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