Outstanding issues on mobile search and mobile zoom

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Posting this information again as I'm simply not getting any updates from the original threads.

1) Search does not work on mobile
I raised this issue back in 2017 and various times since. Much the discussion can be found on this thread https://dgrin.com/discussion/comment/2100287#Comment_2100287 but in summary, I have tagged nearly all of my photos with keywords. Search works perfectly on desktop, but on mobile (regardless of device or operating system), SmugMug regularly either i) says nothing can be found when these tags to exist. After refreshing a few times, it eventually does find them, OR, ii) still says zero results, but does display, some, but not all of the images. The SmugMug Team have been able to replicate this, but still have not prioritised getting it fixed. Come on.. this is basically search functionality!!!!

2) Zoom does something strange on mobile
I raised this in November and was told that it would be looked in to... no update, despite asking.
In summary, when zooming in on a photo on mobile, the screen goes blank for a moment before the picture reappears. It's a bad experience for the user and confusing. Can I please have an update.

I love SmugMug... but really don't like the lack of support in getting these issues prioritised and resolved
Looking forward to a response.



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    Hi @elmani,
    I've been delaying responding because I'm sure you're tired of hearing the same answers and I wanted to respond when we had something new for you. I also don't want you to think that I'm completely ignoring you.

    The same answers still apply: we've looked at the occurrence rate of these issues and how frequently folks run into them and either (a) they occur at a low enough frequency that we've prioritized other improvements or bug fixes ahead of these, or (b) the impact of the issue may be temporarily confusing but doesn't block the person from performing their task.

    We hate disappointing any of you but it's also our responsibility to make sure we're prioritizing improvements that make the most improvement to the largest number of you and our decisions over the last few months have included things like "do we fix the bug or do help Pro's make more money by adding the ability to buy/sell greeting cards?" or "Do we fix the bug or do we help all of our customers ensure their galleries have proper settings (default gallery presets)?" Highly occurring bugs will meet the criteria to be fixed over making the other improvement, but less frequently occurring bugs get prioritized after the other improvements.

    On the search front we have grand plans to improve both 1) the set of search results that are returned when searching and 2) the display and browsing of the search results. That work is a little further out but it's on our radar and something we're excited to help tackle for all of you. That work will fix the search issues you're seeing and I'd like our team to stay focused on the improvements we have planned so we can get to these search improvements as fast as possible.

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    BTW, if you check Aarons galleries on mobile you'll see the same ugly zoom in "LB" using Firefox.

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    @leftquark Thanks for the response. I understand that there is always a need to prioritise, but I don't think it's acceptable to let a basic bug like this wait 3 years to be fixed. Can you please also update on the mobile zoom issue. This has only been a problem since you upgraded the lightbox (which, as it stands, I consider a downgrade). Adam

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