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I'm still lurking around . . . Here is a shot of our dog Harper, taken with my new Lensbaby Velvet 85. I struggled with my Lensbaby until I had a couple chances to work with Lensbaby Guru Kathleen Clemons, who happens to live not too far from our house in Maine. She is a whiz with all things Lensbaby and she suggested this lens for me. It is intended to be soft but I won't know how it really looks until I get my test prints back next week. Comments are always appreciated.


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Lauren Blackwell


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    I applaud you, Lauren, for trying out new equipment and techniques . I've never messed around with the Lensbaby line of lenses so I'm very interested in seeing how your experiences pan out. I'm happy to see you out and dong some shooting. Take care.

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    Brilliant! Once I was moving towards doing macro photography more diligently and was playing with idea of getting "lensbaby". You got excellent result!

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    Keep them coming Lauren, I'm curious...

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    Abrazos for Harper.

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