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I have many photos stores in a 'years' folder. Within that folder I have a gallery for each year. I populate all my other folders and respective galleries via smart rules, linking from the years galleries to respective albums with those selected keywords those keywords...Fore example, a smart gallery with photos of me, another with photos of my wife, another of a given trip etc. All works fine. Now I try to, for example, have a gallery of my dog, but do not want it to include those photos with a keyword of me or my wife...just the dog. I have created a smart album with the logical inclusion and exclusions, but still see the 'excluded keyword 'photos in the dog album. I have set the criteria to include all rules should be followed, but still no go. Any suggfestiuons?



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    I have even sorted the smart album logic to 1st exclude the associated keyworded photos, and then finally include the dog keyword, to no avail

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    I did a little testing and I don't think the smart gallery logic works correctly, so you might be experiencing a bug. Try setting "match rules" to Any instead of All... I found that those don't work as would be expected, at least when using Exclude. Setting it to Any gave me the results I would have expected from All, and setting it to All gave me a small subset of the expected results.

    I also found that the order of the rules matters. This is what worked for me:

    Include photos from gallery ___
    Include photos with keyword XXX
    Exclude photos with keyword YYY

    Match rules: Any

    See if that does it.


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    Wow...It works as you describe.
    I appreciate your efforts and am now only fearful that the 'bug/feature' will be 'fixed'

    Thank you

    I can now release the album for all to see

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