$25M Maui Estate

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Another fun one in the books! This place sits next door to what is locally known as 'Clint Eastwood's place', down in Makena. Shot on a pair of Sony Alpha cams (a73, a7r3), using GM glass. Aerials were captured using a Mavic 2 Pro.

All captured @ 4k/24, with the exception of two slow-mo water scenes, which were shot @ 1080p/60.

Color grading and editing all done in FCPX.



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    Wow! So well done.

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    @David_S85 said:
    Wow! So well done.

    Mahalo David! It came with all manner of challenges, from hard lighting, showing the view from within the rooms, and dealing with the limitations of 8-bit color. I love these Sony alpha cams, truly I do, but I sure wish they'd get on with the times and open up 10-bit (or better) color recording. Would make my life so much easier in editing! Ha!

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    Beautiful work as always, Jona. You make it look easy without even a hint of the technical challenges encountered to pull it off.

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    Gorgeous and captivating! Love the up-shot to the fan in the ceiling. Really, really good stuff here!!

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