Class of 2020 Senior Pics

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Warning: Lots of Pics!

During the fall marching band season, I take the pictures for the marching band of the local high school. In "normal" years, I always offer to take cap & gown pics for them at the end of the school year and gift them a couple of 5x7's and 8x10. The sessions are short 30-minute in studio and really consist of a handful of cap & gown pics and that's it. Short and sweet since I consider it a grad gift for the kids.

Well, this year wasn't normal and this year's seniors missed out on prom and will probably miss a normal graduation ceremony. I changed up my gift to the seniors and gave them one 2-hr session in one of the local parks. We had to do it outside, one at a time, and we had to maintain distance, so I shot with a 100 mm lens for the most part. We ended up having a blast. Below are a few of my favorites from each of the seniors I shot.

  1. Abigail (Abigail's session was in November. Everyone else was April/May)

  1. Ethan (Ethan is going to college on a soccer scholarship)

  1. Jeffrey (going to be an Engineer)

  1. Mikayla (Boy was it windy the day of this session!)

  1. Lydia

  1. Dylan

  1. Alyssa (joining the Navy)

  1. Joshua

  1. Garrett (his Dad has 11 classic cars)

  1. Marcella (So windy and sunny during her session)

  1. Olivia

  1. Sydney

  1. Simone

  1. Last, but not least...Gwendolyn

If you made it this far, thank you so much for looking! As always, I appreciate any constructive criticism you can share so I can improve the next time.

Sherry Pollett


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    What an awesome thing to do!
    I would bet you made some seniors and their parents very happy.

  • slpollettslpollett Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,089 Major grins

    Thanks, Denise. The parents (and the kids) were very appreciative. The seniors did feel like they got a bit of a raw deal from the circumstances, but I tried to make them feel special for a little while. And though I do provide them with a free session and their choice between a couple of small print packages, most of the parents want to purchase more than what I gave them. I don't require a purchase, but I don't turn it down!!

    Sherry P.

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    Great idea - and nice work ! Anything you do for the class of 2020 I am sure is appreciated. I have seen a lot of photographers in my area do the "lawn signs" and banners.
    Thank you for sharing - Jerry

  • ziggy53ziggy53 Still learnin'still lovin Super Moderators Posts: 21,686 moderator

    What a gracious, generous and thoughtful gift!
    Bravo, Sherry, Bravo!

    Moderator of the Cameras and Accessories forums
  • slpollettslpollett Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,089 Major grins

    Thank you Jerry & Ziggy.

    Even though I did provide a nice gift to each senior, I also received quite a bit myself. I got to practice shooting in a variety of conditions, which I surely need (lol). I found a couple of 'new' shooting locations that I really liked (and one that I didn't, lol.) I got to work on posing (which I'm not great at). I got to practice editing (which I'm horrible at). I got to make 14 seniors (& their parents) happy, which made me feel pretty good too. And, even though I gave away a lot, I still received more additional orders than I've ever had in this short a period of time. Last, but not least, referrals from these sessions have already booked me two additional sessions. So, a win all the way around. Almost makes me feel guilty for calling these sessions 'free' since I do get so much out of them (and not just money).

    Sherry P.

  • kdogkdog artistically challenged San Jose, CAAdministrators Posts: 11,580 moderator

    Nicely done!!

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