British Native Red Fox Vixen in Stereo

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I normally shoot macro and I don’t believe the subject is fully represented unless I include at least one stereo pair. I would not be posting in this forum if I believed there was already an abundance of stereos of mammals.

This fox is fairly comfortable in my company and tends to stand very still if I am close and face her, pointing the camera at her. That I put out food scraps each evening means that she welcomes my presence.

This crosseye stereo pair was taken this evening. I use a single, normal camera for all my stereo work.

Olympus EM-1 (aperture priority), Olympus 4/3 x2 TC, Olympus 4/3 50mm f2 macro, 1/400 at f8 ISO 800, hand-held.

There were some harsh sunlight issues and I had to really pull back the highlights but I think I left enough.



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