RESULTS Mini Challenge #299 - Artists/Musicians or Instruments of Art/Music

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@Cavalier - Great shot of the blacksmith working on the anvil. Kind of covers everything with the artwork, tools and artist at work. Nice!

@JAG – I liked all of these for this challenge. The study of the trumpet and the colors and tools of a painter. Very cool.

@Pegelli - #2 and #3 really caught my attention with the expression of the musicians and the art/artist at work.

@BMW Kurt – The concentration of the musician in #1 and the isolation of detail with the hands in #2 were both good in my opinion.

@Mathogre – Funny how #1 and #2 first reminded me of our current situation of isolation in many parts of the world today. Nice job and #3 made me smile.

@Sarasphotos – All great images. The carving on the horns is fantastic. What a great experience to see the impromptu concert. Loved the washer women as well even though you’ve marked them not for consideration.

@GrandmaR – Love to watch marching bands! Glass blowing has always been very fascinating to me and this is a good shot.

@DanC137 – The shallow DOF really draws attention to this detail of the instrument. Very nice.

@Ikbart – Nice detail on the instruments in #1 and #3. I have to say, I’ve never seen dancers painting! Must be fascinating and would have loved to see the final results of their work.

@DavidRGillespie – Interesting art installation in #1, would love to see this. Love #3, gorgeous artwork from the budding artist!

They are all, of course, fantastic. It is a challenge however, so I must pick. Here are my top 3 images:

  1. Cavalier – Final Steps

  2. Pegelli – Singing Along

1 (WINNER). BMW Kurt – Guitar Hands

Thank you everyone for participating!


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