Mini Challenge #300 - Sacred Places

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I think we can all agree that the world has been turned on its head the last few months. Many people are seeking a place to meditate, slow down, and just try to figure out what is going on. Many look for solace in a sacred place. Church, Synagogue, Temple. I'm looking for shots that give one a sense of peace. I think this is a well traveled group so I expect to see some stunning images!

The challenge will end on June 24h at 1200 EDT.

Here is a link to the latest rules:

Here are a few examples.
The Western Wall, Jerusalem, Israel

Mormon Temple, St. George, Utah, USA

Country Church, Western North Carolina, USA

Young Person Assisting Nun at Prayer, Wroclaw, Poland

St. Mary's, Strahlsund, Germany


  • sarasphotossarasphotos Major grins Augsburg, GermanyRegistered Users Posts: 3,626 Major grins
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    I had to pare through quite a few pictures so I hope I picked some that exude a sense of peace.

    1) Leaning out the kitchen window of my old apartment, the roof and steeple of St. Georg's Augsburg

    2) Inside the Cathedral of Dinkelsbühl, Germany

    3) Ambulatory, Augsburg Cathedral

    ...and not for consideration... what I feel is taking place right now (Bourges Cathedral, France)

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    Choices, choices choices. I love shooting these kind of photo's so decided to pick three very different ones:

    1: Cloisters, Middelburg

    2: Eglise Saint Jacques, Liege

    3: Church of Kilchrist, Isle of Skye

    Pieter, aka pegelli
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    My immediate reaction to your first photo, @pegelli , was, "Wow." Beautifully done!

  • JAGJAG Photomaniac Wasilla, AKSuper Moderators Posts: 9,037 moderator

    1 One of the many churches in Israel

    2 Rome, Italy, place of Worship

    3 Looking up on the inside of the dome of the Church of Spilled Blood in St. Petersburg Russia. (This place had all walls and ceilings covered with mosaic tiles. Stunning!)

  • grandmaRgrandmaR Major grins Registered Users Posts: 1,905 Major grins

    Initially I thought I would do all stained glass,
    1) Modern stained glass at a church in England

    but I changed my mind
    2) Sunset at Tikal Temple II

    3) La Sagrada Familia

    A woman was singing Ave Maria as we entered, and my granddaughter (who is in the photo) described it as "angels singing"

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  • CavalierCavalier Life is a Bokeh Foresthill, CaliforniaRegistered Users Posts: 2,951 Major grins

    Here are mine. I don't have a lot of sacred places shots, so opting to do the unusual religious spots.

    Sea Ranch Chapel, on the coast of Sonoma County. Interesting architecture as only California can do!

    Foresthill Catholic Cemetery. There are two cemeteries in this teeny old mining town - interestingly one is the "Protestant Cemetery" and this one is the Catholic Cemetery.

    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, in a Ghost town known as Chinese Camp - another old mining town in California. Funds were allocated to restore the church and most of the town, but little has happened.

  • BMW KurtBMW Kurt Adventurer, Photographer Asheville, NC, USARegistered Users Posts: 229 Major grins

    Great looking entries so far! Keep 'em coming.

    I was even a member of one the churches posted here at one time. (Sorry, no extra credit for that, just an interesting little tidbit)

  • RalphMoonRalphMoon San Francisco Bay AreaRegistered Users Posts: 116 Major grins
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    Buddhist Temple {Thailand)

    Lighting Candles on Buddha's Birthday (Thailand)

    Family Shrine (Vietnam)

    Not for competition: Ho Chi Minh Shrine (hilltop monastery, Vietnam)

    --Ralph Moon

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  • DavidRGillespieDavidRGillespie Chilliwack, British Columbia, CanadaRegistered Users Posts: 819 Many Grins
    1. St. Thomas Anglican Church, Chilliwack, BC. The wood frame chruch ws barged up the Fraser River in the 1800's

    1. A peaceful graveyard, Massett, BC

    1. Mortuary poles at the last stronghold of the Haida, Ninstints, Haida Gwaii

  • BMW KurtBMW Kurt Adventurer, Photographer Asheville, NC, USARegistered Users Posts: 229 Major grins
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    You guys aren't making this any easier for me! I'll be on the road for the next ten days with little to no Internet access. I will return Tuesday June 23rd and I will do everything I can to have the results up by Thursday.

  • Wandering DaneWandering Dane Beginner grinner Lone Tree, CORegistered Users Posts: 512 Major grins

    St. Esteban in Salamanca, Spain, a church that struck me as very sacred, peaceful and spiritual:

  • lkbartlkbart Wandering in left field~ Derby, KansasRegistered Users Posts: 1,912 Major grins

    New Orleans cemetary

    Saint Louis Cathedral

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  • BMW KurtBMW Kurt Adventurer, Photographer Asheville, NC, USARegistered Users Posts: 229 Major grins

    OK! This mini challenge is now closed! I will post the reviews and the results no later than tomorrow.

    I may lose some sleep over these tonight! There are some stunning images!

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