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WirenWiren WirenRegistered Users Posts: 746 Major grins

Having trouble uploading images. Keeps saying "Invalid Login" changed my site password so it is the now required 12 characters, logged off and back on and still no dice. Am I missing something here? I uploaded stuff a couple weeks ago and this issue is just recent. I tried to search to see if there was a discussion, but could not find anything. Am I the only one having this issue?

Lee Wiren


  • AdamBlythAdamBlyth AustraliaRegistered Users Posts: 13 Big grins
  • WirenWiren Wiren Registered Users Posts: 746 Major grins

    Thanks Adam, but no luck.... content blocker off, pop up for site allowed. I am using Safari.... might I need to use another browser?

    Lee Wiren
  • AllenAllen "tweak 'til it squeaks" St. Louis, MoRegistered Users Posts: 9,902 Major grins

    Try removing all the Smugmug cookies. One could be corrupted.

    Al - Just a volunteer here having fun
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  • WirenWiren Wiren Registered Users Posts: 746 Major grins

    Thank you Allen, that was indeed the solution. Guess I'm getting old as I could not figure that our on my own. I appreciate the suggestions from both you and Adam. Cheers

    Lee Wiren
  • WirenWiren Wiren Registered Users Posts: 746 Major grins

    AAAARRGGGHH. more issues. So I had this fixed the other night. Went to upload stuff tonight and got the same issue. Cleared the cache, cookies as before... nothing, gives me the error message that there is an invalid log in. What gives?

    Lee Wiren
  • JenuineJenuine Big grins Registered Users Posts: 125 SmugMug Employee

    Hello Wiren,
    Safari has become very choosy about what third party cookies they will permit. This is true especially if one is using a custom domain. This causes the browser to lose the "login" cookie and then you get the invalid login message. Here is what is suggested,

    1. Clear your browser history
    2. Restart the browser
    3. Log into the account at www.smugmug.com
    4. Go into the Organizer
    5. Use the upload feature from there.

    Inside of the Organizer the cookie used is .smugmug and that should allow you to keep the login valid for your upload.

    SmugMug Support Hero
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