Live Stream - Beach wedding - signal issue?

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One of my clients want me to provide live feed of the wedding ceremony they are going to have on the beach.
I would like to use my 5d mark iv to record and provide the feed into OBS Studio software. I am planning to use my mobile internet on my phone. I would like to set up my phone as hot spot and connect my notebook to my phone.

  • My question is how to make sure I have strong internet to support the upstream data??? I don't have mobile wifi? The location is 2 hours away from my home. I can go and test the speed but I would rather not to.
    What do you do when you live stream an event? How do you make sure you have a strong signal?


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    Too many unknowns to give a serious answer.

    Remember that any reduction in upstream data throughput, due to packet loss, reduced signal strength, atmospherics/weather, direct-line radio interference, etc., any of these things can and will affect the video stream with loss of resolution or increased dropouts or even loss of communication.

    I submit that unless your client can provide evidence of adequate sustained signal to the site (ideally through a cable or DSL wired connection), you cannot guarantee any level of success for streaming video.


    I'm the techie that designed the live-streaming system for my church, and I alone am qualified to operate the system. It's not too unusual for that system to have problems, and even an occasional complete failure in the live-stream, and the church is located in a city and runs through a wired cable-TV (Comcast) connection.

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