Telling a story of a property

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Aloha gang!

It's been a while, we've all had our hands full of work, life, Covid-19, wildfires, and all the other 2020 glory that's continually heading our way.  I thought I'd take some time to share my most recent production, featuring a lifestyle story using talent and the property as the setting.

One thing about this place is that it's not super 'showy'.  We could show only 3 or 4 spaces within the home itself, but the property is another story altogether.  It's oceanfront, in an undeveloped area, bordering a wildlife preserve.  It's truly an amazing spot to have a home.

Ground cams:

a7III and a7RIII
GM glass (16-35, 24-70, 100-400)
All used in combination of hand-held, tripod/slider, and gimbal

Aerial cams:

Evo II Pro (kayak aerials, twilight closing aerial)
Mavic 2 Zoom (long shot aerial near the beginning to bring the mountain into perspective, introducing the property itself)
Phantom 4 Classic (overhead beach & rocks, sunset aerial over beach - these were from stock I collected years ago)



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    I'm surprised there are no comments on this video. I think it is very well done. In a former life I did some video production for builders in my area but never had a property like this to show. I like the music bed - did you use something like Sonicfire Pro to create it?


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